Trade Co-operative University of Molodva

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Home Invitation



Dear colleagues,

We have a great pleasure by this message to invite You to a special event in the life of Trade Co-operative University of Moldova - International Scientific Conference "Through cooperation - towards sustainable development", which will take place in the year when our university celebrates the 20th anniversary from its establishment.

As the title of the conference tells, the co-operation is one of the basic values of our university, of the co-operative system we are a part from and of the modern world, in general. The life proves more and more that through efficient co-operation we can fulfill big things.

The scientific reunion this represents a logical continuation of International Scientific Conference of TCUM from 2012, declared by UN International Year of Co-operatives, which highlighted the importance of the associative sector for the society and marked a new stage in developing the co-operative processes.

The Conference - 2013 will constitute a convincing argument for promoting the values of co-operation and co-operatives, for the exchange of experience with national and international academic environment, will favor the meeting of theorists and practitioners, transmission of academic values to the generation of young researchers, the transfer of good practices which could offer solutions for a durable development.

We hope that this forum will open new opportunities for the establishment of interpersonal relations of collaboration among researchers, as well as of the scientists with the real economy environment. By this it will be possible the achievement of triad research - innovation - development and there will be created a favorable environment  for the dismissal of the results of the scientific researches from the academic environment to the real economy environment, contributing to mutual increase of performances.

We invite you and wait for you with pleasure to participate at the International Scientific Forum and to celebrate together the 20th anniversary of Trade Co-operative University of Moldova.

With respect and a sincere Welcome,

Larisa SAVGA

Prof. PhD.

Rector of TCUM

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